OXM reveals how they picked levels for Sonic Generation

SEGAbits: "The latest issue of OXM has a ton of new Sonic Generations information, for those of you who are interested in the upcoming Sonic game. There’s even an interview with Takashi Iizuka, where he is asked how they picked levels for the game."

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GREYFOXXXXXX3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

wish they went to a different direction with Sonic to be honest... great games but need something new.

joinsideke3023d ago

Once again, I have my fingers crossed for a good sonic game.

Second note: Does anyone REALLY prefer the new sonic look to the old one? Maybe instead of polling employees, SEGA should poll the users and consumers to see what kind of game we want....

kickerz3023d ago

i think both sonics look really a die hard fan lol.

sonicsidewinder3023d ago

"Does anyone REALLY prefer the new sonic look to the old one?"

I kinda agree. Cus old sonic should just be 2D.

SoapShoes3023d ago

I prefer the new look. In that trailer old sonic just looked fat and ugly. His spikes are shorter and look less dangerous. Also he just looks weird.

On the old art where he was fat he looked normal but not here. Sonic Adventure was where he looked the best.

kickerz3023d ago

i really hope sega can deliver this time. so many failed attempts at bringing him back. and yeah i was a huge sega/sonic fan back in the 90's so yeah please make this work Sega.

miyamoto3023d ago

Warning!!! Warning!!!

Sega step your game way up! American gaming media is ready to trash this game to the ground!