Free Games What Need Playing: GIRP-Quan Slasher Edition

CFD!'s Rob Rich returns with another edition of Free Games What Need Playing, this one with a suggestion from an N4G user:

"I think we have a good mix for this edition of Free Games. Not just a varied selection of genres, but also physical platforms, so hopefully there’s something for everyone here. If you’re looking for an intricate PC simulation, we’ve got that. If you want a simple, but addicting game you can play in your web browser, well, we’ve got that, too. And if you really just want something to load onto your iPhone that will make your morning commute less of a drag, we’ve got you covered.

"I can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy any of them as much as I have, but I can guarantee you won’t have to pay a thing when you try them out. But I’d prefer it if you did enjoy them at least a little."

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Ndigity3028d ago

Unlike QWOP, I can actually play GIRP on a somewhat respectable level.