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Capcom-Unity: A couple weeks ago in the Ask Capcom forum, Mike asked a question about why Capcom Japan doesn’t take PC gaming seriously. I took that question to be really more of a plea for more or better support than we have provided but at the same time wanted to provide some context and understanding about the Japan market for PC gaming , where Capcom has come from and where it’s going. Snow felt that the thread was a good topic for a blog update and asked me to write somethiing up so here we are. Smile

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NovusTerminus3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I think if Capcom tries to go PC they need to enable full mod support for their games, such as Devil May Cry, then the fans can fix the new one...

Fishy Fingers3023d ago

Well SFIV allowed user-generated costumes and it seems the biggest backlash of sandy vaginas towards DMC was over the character redesign, so maybe some nice fellow will whip up an old Dante model for the game.

BubbleSniper3023d ago

They need MEGA TEXTURES. Oh, yeah. That picture up there is very appropriate. Hah!