Modern Warfare 3 will be Call of Duty's peak

MMGN: The Call of Duty series will peak with Modern Warfare 3 – a game that hasn’t actually been announced, but one we all know is coming this November.

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Optical_Matrix3023d ago

Funny, I thought COD hit its peak 4 years ago when Modern Warfare was released. Every game since has gotten worse, glitchier with more of the same copy and paste, quick scope-centric gameplay.

dry_ice3023d ago

Easily the peak IMO... since then they've just vomited rehashes with more ridiculous and unnecessary garbage added.

BF3 will rock that stagnant series hard... I hope.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I agree that Cod Gamers would not be able to get into Battlefield. Battlefield is much more team based and Cod Gamers just cant team.

Cod 4 Was the best Cod in the series. Why? Because it was new and fresh, WaW and Mw2 were basically the same thing, Black Ops is just a little bit different because of the fact you can customize better but that's nothing game play wise.

I really did like the Cod Series, I loved World at War and Cod 4 i use to play non stop. But when Mw2 came along i got bored in under a month same with black ops, that to me is saying that people will be getting bored.
This is Activisions last Chance with call of duty. If they do not do anything major the Call of Dutys after that they will start going downhill in sales.

Now Back to play some Bad Company 2 and Killzone 3, oh yeah i forgot Psn is still down :-(

evrfighter3023d ago

sales wise black ops was its peak.

I guarantee it.

roadtrucker3023d ago

same claim every year cod "insert name here" will be the best yet but somehow they keep getting worst

xAlmostPro3023d ago

If they go back to cod4.. remove all the bs perks and noob friendlyness mw2 had..

Use settings that haven't been seen in any or atleast not many games, better design the maps, some destructability(not full)..

Then it might be their peek, it's the only way they could have a chance at topping cod4, COD's already heading for it's demise, they need to out do cod4 if they want even a chance to salvage it for another year

SolidMGSnake3023d ago

You mean the last one? ok cool

marioPSUC3023d ago

Im pretty sure COD4 was the peak of the COD franchise. I didnt like COD3 all that much but COD4 was so much fun, after that they started going downhill

Trroy3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Hmm.. No. Although the sales of Black Ops are awesome, I have to say the series has been on a downhill slide since CoD4.

This will be the first non-IW Modern Warfare, will it not? I can't say I have a lot of faith in it.

marioPSUC3023d ago

Well its still Infinity Ward, but more than half the original group of people left, a lot of the high up people left.

xAlmostPro3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Ignore me

Otheros003023d ago

Like the last one? cod at it "best". I wouldn't hate cod if they stop coping and pasting the same shit over and over.

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