A Concept Realised - Anticipating The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In this latest article for GamePad Dojo, Harlequin takes a look at how Bethesda kicks it up to 11 in their long-awaited sequel.

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Tony P3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Well, I wouldn't call the past four games "beta" versions. Especially compared to one no one has really played yet.

I am however very anxious to see what changes and improvements Skyrim brings to TES. I think the popularity of many of the more audacious mods out there for TESIV have shown *exactly* what fans were dissatisfied with.

I see better faces and some variety in NPCs. Let's hope there's more on the way.

harlequin373025d ago

TBH I kind of felt bad about referring to them as betas. It's really easy to criticise Oblivion so long after its release, and it fells rather hypocritical considering how much I played and enjoyed it. Maybe I should have said it just looks more finished? I definitely think there's this vibe that it's all been leading up to this one though.

Cheers for the feedback!

Tony P3025d ago

It was a very thoughtful and well-written piece imo. Agree or disagree, it was at least enjoyable to read.