Modern Warfare 3 versus Battlefield 3

Save and Quit - "With the inevitable announcement of Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 looming on the horizon, it’s going to be hard not to compare the latest CoD title with the other modern military FPS elephant in the room, EA’s Battlefield 3."

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movements3027d ago

Modern Warfare Wins! Flawless victory! Babality.

VersusEM3026d ago

are you okay, I know you might feel a little light headed, getting used to society after moving out of your cave cause obviously YOU HAVEN'T SEEN BATTLEFIELD 3!

smoothdude3026d ago

Gamers will be the ones who ultimately win as Dice has already stated that they are going to make BF3 better than the COD series. This is fantastic as MW3 has to step up to the plate.

So no matter which game you prefer, chances are you will enjoy either one.

thematrix12983026d ago

At this point it's too early to say but with respect to sales MW3 will blow BF3. Face it COD has become the new Apple. Anything they release will sell millions-->this in turn will create more new fans and so on. It's a cycle that keeps repeating.

Washington-Capitals3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Wait a sec, how dare you compare gamers to apple sheep. At least people who buy call of duty games have some entitlment to the product and they complain about the product if it is lacking in quality.

Apple sheep will buy crapple products no matter how garbage or overpriced they are.

Greywulf3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Washington, sorry you're wrong.

COD falls under the same flag as Apple, EA Sports games: MADDEN attitude...

Its people who settle for the absolute lowest quality in their games, just to be part of the crowd of people/friends that also are victims. COD has been dead for a while. Its a mindless shooter with a terrible game engine and for the money they make, you'd imagine they could ship a game without 900 bugs, just like madden. Then when they ship it with something it should have had in the first place.. A working game, OOOO COPY AND PASTE!!?!?

They are clear cut smash & grab titles. No matter what you say, your opinion of this is wrong. There is no difference in COD/MAdden/Apple morons.

Halo has a following because its a second to non franchise. Just as GT5, just as Mario.. etc.

COD has a franchise based on having the latest DLC of the month,then buying the same repackaged game in 3 months.

Look at the technology out in mp gaming, Crytek/Dice/Rockstars Noire tech.. now look at black ops. THe characters mouths have 2 shapes while speaking, open and closed.

SnipeySnake3026d ago

Couldn't have said it any better, +1 Bubble!
But yeah ive asked a lot of people i know who love cod if they're going to buy the next cod (this was when they didnt even know about mw3) after black ops came out and even with all the shit black ops gave with its bugs and lag, they still said straight up yes. They didnt even watch gameplay or even hear about it and they know there going to get it anyway. I Activition can literally put a pile of shit in a disc case and sell it for 100$ and still make billions just cause they stamp the word "Call of Duty" on the box. This year im trying to get all my friends to buy battlefield 3 instead of call of duty.

hiredhelp3026d ago

Well cod fanboys. But cod didnt offer mr or make me feal i was playing stratigic. The game has not pushed itself since .

Bf3 will ne amazing but right now in order to neat cod wouldnt take much at all.
Infact just pickup a cheap copy of bad company 2, as this offers you a propper battlefield game. With better engine. Larger maps for most part with real damage destruction to buildings this game more exciting to play.

DeadlyFire3026d ago

Battlefield 3 ultimately better, but from the sounds of it Call of Duty developers are so worried of Battlefield series they are adding in its features. Bigger maps, destruction. Hmm..

I say Battlefield 3 will win. As Modern Warfare 3 is likely to charge you for more crap than Battlefield. Either way More competition between the two equates to two better games vs. 2 less than exciting titles.

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b163o13026d ago

How can you compare MW3 to BFBC3 when the only one has been shown? You my friend sound like a TROLL!!!


Dart893026d ago

@ The matrix sales don't make a game.It's the content it has to offer that makes a game.

Clarence3026d ago

yeah if you like cheating

MW games are the worst FPS out.

saladthieves3026d ago

Damn, either someone is not okay or they forgot to add an /s at the end to indicate sarcasm. If they think that Modern Warfare 3 is better than Battlefield 3, then it's not funny at all. Seriously.

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Convas3027d ago

Those are some epic boxarts. Damn.

Brash_Attack3027d ago

I agree, but I wish they weren't so similar.

multipayer3026d ago

Nothing beats generic soldier placeholder!

Porkins4Life3026d ago

Regardless of how good Battlefield 3 will be it still has to battle the name behind modern warfare

GunofthePatriots3026d ago

Another lame call of duty game....NEXT.

guitarded773026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

5 months from now, when everyone's fighting over better game vs. higher sales, I'll be playing both. Don't be a hater, be a player.

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The story is too old to be commented.