New Ocarina of Time 3D Details (Boss Rush, Water Temple, Super-Guide)

GameXplain Says: "Nintendo recently invited us back out to their San Francisco office for another hands-on session with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (read our previous impressions here). And this time, they brought the man largely responsible for the original game’s excellent localization: Dan Owsen. He was on-hand to relate his experience of working on the original title and cement its continued relevance to modern gamers. While he shared his insights, we took the game’s brand new features for a spin, such as the Boss Rush mode, as well as exploring the notoriously frustrating Water Temple to see exactly how it’s been improved."

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Dash Reindeer3025d ago

Said it before and i'll say it again--game is looking good.

newsguy3025d ago

Still have the n64 gold cartridge. Woot!

bearsfaan3025d ago

So stoked for this game. Zelda rocks!