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Cheap Ass Gamer: The first half of 2011 has been loaded with first-person shooters. Between Crysis 2, Homefront, Killzone 3 and Conduit 2, I’ve shot countless foes in the head … and portions of the body less prone to sunshine. Thanks, Bulletstorm! Out of all these offerings, though, the one shooter I’ve been most curious about was Bethesda’s Brink. I first saw the game at E3 two years ago and it seemed to be trying something new; at the very least, it appeared to be combining a lot of ambitious imaginings. Brink touts highly customizable characters, free-running traversal, dynamically generated objectives, mid-battle swappable character classes, a blending of single player and multiplayer campaign progression, and an emphasis on working together with a team. While that’s certainly a cornucopia of buzz words and appealing ideas, was developer Splash Damage able to meld everything into a cohesive game?

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