Microsoft Acquires Skype, Google Is Sony's Response states: "On May 10th, Microsoft announced that they had purchased Skype for a whopping $8.5 billion. This action has sparked many questions and discussions on how Microsoft plans to use Skype to further their company and further enrich their customer's experiences. Meanwhile, Sony has their own trick up their sleeve that Nick was lucky enough to receive some information on."

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lazertroy3022d ago

I thought this was gonna be a HipHopGamer Story.

Chaos693022d ago

There's enough bullsh** to go around, don't worry.

TheREAL-HyDRo1x3022d ago

yeah sounds like the sensational bull ish hiphopgamer always publishes! in any case, if you actually watch the video this is mere speculation and the guy is obviously a terrible journalist... or blogger!

MaxXAttaxX3022d ago

Wasn't there Skype alreaedy on Sony's PSP?

Wobbuffet3022d ago

This guy is one of the worst i have seen, he has big problems speaking and getting things across.

Read from a script on an autoque or some other device next time, that way we may just get what your trying to say!!

Lifendz3021d ago

Guy needs to work on his delivery. He sounded like Magic Johnson reading a teleprompter. Gotta respect a guy that takes the time to put a vid out there for us to criticize, but if you're going to make a statement like that you gotta have more proof.

Sorry Nick but we don't believe you, you need more people (Jay-Z voice)

AngryTypingGuy3021d ago

I was gonna say the exact same thing. This guy is horrible. He sounds like an uneducated buffoon.

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olLANDSHARKlo3022d ago

Wobb, at least it's better than hiphop and the guy with a 2 for a I.Q. sayin "you know what I'm sayin" every 10 seconds.

arjman3022d ago

You know what I'm saying

SuperStrokey11233021d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing lol

iamnsuperman3022d ago

Possibly more than that. If a good partnership is formed we could see a lot more google intergration

Aarix3022d ago google ads

Big-Boss3022d ago

^^ i dont know why that made me LOL so hard

rabidpancakeburglar3022d ago

Sony's next console will not be out for another few years so I wouldn't say that it is a response, plus it's pure speculation

lazertroy3022d ago

Same thing I was thinking after I watched. Why PS4 why not now.

killajd3022d ago

Man thats news Iv never heard before holly crap! Google and sony working together for their next console is gonna be huge, huge as in game changing if done right!

BeastlyRig3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

This will be intersesting! or will steam continue to be the best service..

At teh end of the day everything might be linked to PCs! oh yeah!

But honesty the guy sounds like he made it up imho..

DelbertGrady3022d ago

Don't believe everything you read/hear.