Broken But Beautiful: 'Brink' Review - What happens to society when you run out of resources? That's the question lurking in the background of new post-apocalyptic first-person shooter Brink. On a massive floating city known as the Ark, two extremes of troubling human behavior come to the fore in view of the game's theme: perpetual conflict. The Security faction wants to lock down a draconian order to prolong survival while the Resistance tries to cause enough chaos to snatch the tools to escape and see if things might be better elsewhere. You can play as each and the choice of faction at the beginning of the single-player game feels charged, like the fate of civilization is at stake.

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Greywulf3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

They need to hold the developers up to the standards as all gaming. Broken games need not get a pass.

If you overlook an entire broken/buggy game, you need to do it for all games.


Its sad.

BeastlyRig3020d ago

Call of Duty gets a 9.8 just for booting up properly..

Ducky3020d ago

I find it odd how things like this can seep through into the final product.

From the broken online in Brink's 360 version to BlackOps' horrendous performance on PC.

Just goes to show that publishers either need to invest in better game-testing, or hold betas (open or closed).

CtrlAltDel3020d ago

My thing is;

This is THE Online Multiplayer Generation.

More people are playing online than EVER before. Not just hardcore but even casual gamers AND kids (freerealm, wizard101, etc)!

Games should be made based with netcode as the most essential aspect of game developers.

So why is it that in 2011, games are PUBLISHED with bad netcode...from a reputable company to boot!

For those that only play on PS3 - u ain't missin' SHT!!


CrzyFooL3020d ago

TIME reviews video games? :-p