GGTL: In Defense of Gaming

Gamer's Guide to, Wednesday 11th May 2011: There are many in this world who feel that gaming is lame. We disagree. GGTL contributor Joey Núñez lays down five reasons why gaming is meaningful, entertaining, and just plain cool, using the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Little Big Planet, and Mega Man franchises as case studies.

GGTL: "Back when we were all gaming virgins, and had no idea what we were supposed to be doing, or what that guy on the screen was supposed to be doing, and there was only one thing to do: wing it? You jumped and ran around with no other goal but to jump and run around. There were no trophies or achievements to hunt down, no urgent need to complete the level, no 'noobs' to be 'owned'. You were gaming to enjoy yourself, and nothing more. The important thing about playing a videogame was having fun."

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Antholex3022d ago

It's a shame that quite a bit of the 'social' aspect of games, in my view, is now done over the Internet rather than everyone crowding round one TV.