Why Sony's Ongoing Network Problems Matter to You

Readers of this column might have noticed a trend toward a lack of coverage of Sony products. There’s a reason for that.

Maybe Sony was resting a little too soundly on their laurels after the successes of the PlayStation 2 era, because right around 2005, Sony Computer Entertainment International got a little full of itself. The run-up to the PlayStation 3 launch was a time of unparalleled hubris, with statement after statement outlining a world in which gamers would blindly follow SCEI no matter how stupid they made themselves seem.

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Menech3022d ago

If it didn't effect you, you wouldn't be commenting about it on N4G.

And it's doesn't for future reference.

Rybakov3022d ago

it dosn't cause i very rarely ever play an online game only reason i ever log in is to check out the store

Bell Boy3022d ago

but what's the point of submitting if it is just flamebait Sony hating...

Man, your hatred for Sony runs deep I suggest you seek a help it can't be a healthy obsession you have.

3..2..1 until i lose another bubble, lost 2 in the last 2 weeks because I refuse to defend hackers(thieving scum) and call out the haters that our now in full effect filling this site with trash...

Please for the for the love of god can the so called moderators take control and stop at least half of these rinse repeat hating articles.

Once News4 Gamers is now either News 4 Hackers or News4Sony haters......the other 11 months of the year all they do is moan and say this is a Sony fanboy site...what an utter joke

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Best way to end this, report report report. Or even better, ignore all PSN related "articles".

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