EA Sports: Its Not In The Game?

There seem to be a issue with PS3 users getting stuck on the 'Connecting' screen when trying to access online features.

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Real Gambler4106d ago

No matter if you're on PSN or Xbox Live, EA keep control of their own servers, which is very scary.

First, they want to sell their new versions of each franchises they own, every years, even if only line up are changing... So they shut down their own servers after two years, so you have to buy those newer versions.

And now, we have to worry about how they maintain their servers during the two years they leave them on!!!

Very sad from EA.

ironflag5554106d ago

EA Sports: Its Not In The Game?

its more like ea need to step up there game

crazy250004106d ago

they really pissin off lot of ppl....especially as a ps3 owner......but i really like some of their racing games

kind of love/hate relationship lol

dirtrider4106d ago

i know this is a ps3 post, which ill have one soon but i just wanted to say EA SUCKS!

dirtrider4106d ago

i used to like EA but in recent years and so far this generation there are so many more talented people and developers than EA.

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The story is too old to be commented.