PlayStation Network: Will Developers Jump Ship?

We're officially three weeks into the PSN fiasco today, with only vague timeframes for restoration—long enough for disgruntled developers to start speaking out. We’ve focused on how the outage affects players (no Portal 2 co-op, no Mortal Kombat match-ups, etc.) but—partly because we expected the service back already—overflown its impact on the folks whose financial well-being is tied directly to PSN uptime.

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Christopher3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

If people do jump ship, it will be for the wrong reasons.

Point A: Sony also loses money for each game not sold during this period. It's not just the developers feeling the pinch of lost sales, it's also Sony. This includes the loss of both digital and disc-based sales.

Point B: The only people affected are the people who expected sales during the downtime. If your game is planning to release after the downtime, you aren't affected by this.

Point C: The only thing you do by "jumping ship" is reduce your potential market. IMHO, if you do jump ship, then you were planning to do as such prior to this event anyway.

If anything, the only thing I could see Sony doing is offering to remove their usual profit from electronic sales for a similar period of time that the services were down once the services are back up.

darthv723022d ago

these developers are more than likely the same ones who have content available on live or steam. Chances are they will make the content available to ps3 owners when the service comes back on.

Unless.....the content is exclusive but that still means it will be available when the service is online.

OrganicMachine3022d ago

Point D:

not all networks are safe.. no point of jumping ship ..

Information Minister3022d ago

Yes... Developers will jump ship, because the best way to deal with a temporary loss of revenue on one platform is to abandon the platform altogether, turning it into a permanent loss of revenue. That's just the logical thing to do. /s

We're surrounded by Einsteins!

Seraphemz3022d ago

@information - lol !!! My thoughts exactly.. jeez f'n dumb ass articles...

ravinash3021d ago

The only people who would have something to think about are those developing exclusively for PSN.
If you’re on both PSN and Live then you know you will still be getting income if one system is down.
But that works the other way as well, if any companies develop exclusively for Live, as I'm sure they will be reviewing what to do if the same thing happened to that system.

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badz1493022d ago

to where? it's just 3 weeks for god sake but already talking about jumping ship? good god not everybody is as short sighted as this!

Muerte24943022d ago

developers release on both platforms (PSN & XBL) anyway. They will continue releasing on both because to seclude yourself to a smaller market is financial suicide. All this means is if they're game is schedule for release while psn is down, it's been delayed.

BrianG3022d ago

Yes Loner, Yes. They all will leave, in flocks. Lines of of developers, as far as the eye can see.

Every single PS3 game will be cancelled. PSN will be permanently shut down. Sony will burn their Playstation manufacturing plants, remaining hardware, and remaining software in stock to heat their food up for dinner.

Is that what you want to hear? Of course they ALL won't leave. But I wouldn't be surprised if a few "indie" level developers left, they have more at stake on one game than big companies like Capcom, etc..

Loner3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Im not the author of the article...

BrianG3022d ago

I was only referring to you because you posted the article on the site for approval.

But also observing your viewpoints on N4G for a while now in passing tells me that you might just like the situation described above.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3022d ago

What sick pleasure do you get out of this? What did Sony do to you that you approve articles that's either pure flamebait or utilizing random speculation? I just want to know because it's really sad that you're leading some crusade against a corporation that did nothing to you.

cochise3133022d ago

You're such a known troll it's not even funny. No developers will leave, this is just all none sense.

Aussiegamer3022d ago

This is just classic loner. lol

Dee_913022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

3 weeks of PSN down = 3 years to them
Dont just blame Loner blame the people approving this crap

Chug3022d ago

There's fanboys, there's trolls, and then there's Loner. Best off to just ignore him.

Seriously, why would developers jump ship when they'd only be hurting themselves by doing so?

Enigma_20993022d ago

You don't want to take the blame for it, DON'T POST IT.

Killman3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Loner, HOW are you not banned??? HOW?! Are the Mods brain-dead???

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Joni-Ice3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

@ BrainG.....LMAO...That was hilarious!

metsgaming3022d ago

there should be a rule if you are a troll who submits trolling article you get perma banned from submitting and approving articles. Then again it wouldnt matter, they would just make a new account.

RandomDude6553022d ago

Lol so so true....but mods admins seem to approve this behavior.

Nineball21123022d ago

@ cchum...

Loner posting this submission isn't the problem. In fact, the submission is from a well-known website that is hardly a "fly-by-night" operation.

It's well written (whether you like the subject matter or not).

Yes, Loner apparently likes to straddle the line of trolling and getting a rise out of others.

However, N4G is a community driven site. Obviously there was enough interest in the submission to approve it AND there is enough interest in the submission to have it at 360 degrees currently.

The admins have nothing to do with any of that. It's based on the community. I've been accused of being a PS3 fan in the past and I WOULD have approved this article (even though I didn't).

It's a valid question and worthy of discussion.

Disclamer: The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of N4G, its affiliates, or its employees. :D

RandomDude6553021d ago


For a "community driven" website, they sure like to "edit" what the community thinks.
See the comments the mods "hid" and how they were most popular:

I'm pretty much not coming back to this site starting next week, so it really doesn't matter

rockleex3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )


Doesn't N4G have rules against trolling or flaming from users?

Why don't they apply the same rules to articles?

Answer: N4G wants the hits. More hits, more money.

Even from blog sites and average Joes who are just repeating the same news for the 20th time but with a different reason for trolling.

If N4G allows websites and articles to troll, then we should be allowed to troll too. Simple as that.

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blumatt3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Hahaha Now THAT was genuinely funny. Sarcasm at its finest. It's so funny though, because all of these news outlets and game sites think that just because PSN is down, the PS3 is going to fall on its face and die. The truth is the PS3 isn't going anywhere. And, while some gamers may "jump ship" to the Xbox, most won't.

Whoever wrote this article is crazy if they think that this 2 week outage is going to make devs. stop making games on Sony's console. It's absurd.

blackburn103022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Ha ha ha! Oh man. You are so right. I love these people who wait in anticipation to see everything do down hill for Sony. They are practically drooling at the mouth.

It is the worst gamer generation we are in with so much actual hate for these companies going on. I may not like Microsoft's or Nintendo's methods but i don't want to see them go down. My friend and I had different system long ago, he had a Genesis and I had an SNES and no matter how much we argued which was better we still never wished for the death of each others systems. Sadly people like Loner make up most of this tainted gamer generation.

@ Nineball2112 No one disapproves of submission of articles like this but that is all Loner does. He approves even the most flame bait worthless articles. Not to mention we have heard this all before. Why is it everyone defends the constant repetition of all negative stories of PS3 but complain as soon as anything positive is repeated more then once?

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kenpachi3022d ago Show
Dart893022d ago


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