PS1 Classics Sales Tally In the Low Hundreds On Xperia PLAY

A cornerstone of the announcement of the Xperia PLAY and the PlayStation Certified program was the ability to play PlayStation One titles, optimized for the device. On top op that, Sony’s S1 and S2 tablets will also support PlayStation Classics, along with a whole host of devices. So, with PS1 games failing to make an impression with PLAY users after a full month, should Sony be worried?

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Joni-Ice3027d ago

Maybe because PSN is down? Just a thought.

doctorstrange3027d ago

Not connected to PSN (although it should be)

Sev3027d ago

Yeah, that was one of the most disappointing things I read about the Xperia PLAY. No PSN? How silly.

doctorstrange3027d ago

It might just be on the cards... (says the guy who's typing the interview ;) )

decimalator3027d ago


Yeah, not having PSN connectivity was a bad choice if they are going to try to lure PS gamers.

Put it on the PSN, have some kind of PS Marketplace similar to what Amazon is doing with their Android AppStore that links with your PSN account so PSOne titles that are available that you've already purchased can be downloaded for free. Improve the PS app so it can access your friends list, send messages, etc. Allow you to download movies or TV shows you've bought from the PSN.

Either incorporate it into the PS ecosystem, or don't try to associate it with PlayStation. I guess that's why they ended up with the SE branding instead of the PS branding. It just seems too half-assed to be successful.

T3mpr1x3027d ago

Please please please have some good news for us!!!

Heartnet3026d ago

its cuz of the limited selection of the games.. they shud put abe's odyssey on it ;) wud sell well then :D

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NobleGamer3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

NGP is the one..who cares about this Xperia ..way better phones out there.

T3mpr1x3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

...but better controls? I think not.

decimalator3027d ago

I think most of the people who wanted to play PSOne games on their Android device did so with the emulator that had been available. Of course, they took it off of the Marketplace just before the Xperia Play launched. It doesn't really surprise me that sales are so low. I would have been more surprised if they had been higher.

newn4gguy3027d ago

There are only a few PSX games for it.

It's not available in the US either. : /

zeal0us3027d ago

verizon suppose to had release last month and then some retailers delayed over "issues"

I would of probably get it, iphone5 or the LG Revolution(when they come out).

newn4gguy3027d ago

Look out for the "S" series from HTC. I'm an iPhone 3GS user and I might switch. I'm excited to see what the iPhone 5 has to offer though also.

Why can't everyone give us touch AND gaming controls?!? Seriously? How hard is that to do?

zeal0us3027d ago

better off sticking to psx4droid and just dl the iso
psx4droid is free and the latest version is on the owner's(zodttd) site

BigWoopMagazine3027d ago

Like many others, no PSN, and I'm not in. I won't repurchase games I already own.

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