Angry Birds Take Flight on Google Chrome

At their I/O conference in San Francisco, Google made a slew of announcements. Not many pertaining to gaming, except for one stand out. As browser-based gaming grows, you're going to need a faster and faster browser to render the graphics. Google is showing off Chrome's speed by bringing Rovio's Angry Birds to the browser.

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stormeagle63024d ago

Anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering... these birds must be stopped!

decimalator3024d ago

Those f'ing pigs started it. The birds just want their eggs back!

darthv723024d ago

first it was angry birds. Now get ready for pissed off pigs. This time its the pigs taking it out on the birds.

Time to go hog wild on their ass this summer.

Colmshan19903024d ago

A bubble for a Star Wars reference. :)

dbjj120883024d ago

Tried playing it but realized it was the same game I blew $1 on before on my phone.... Angry Birds is the stupidest gaming fad in forever.... Except for maybe that week everyone was playing farmville.

JEW_UNIT3024d ago

How about Call of Duty? That's the worst gaming fad ever!

BigWoopMagazine3024d ago

Ah! They only let me use IE and FireFox at work! I have big boy games for when I'm at home...

dragon823024d ago

Angry Birds is crazy addictive. LOL