Operation Flashpoint: Red River-Developer Diary #4

TGH Writes: "Those lucky enough to live in Europe already have their hands on Operation Flashpoint and are enjoying the title. However those of us in North America have to wait about another month to get our hands on the title. To taunt and tease us some more Codemasters has released a fourth developer diary."

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Rob9463024d ago

Might give this game a rent some day really want to try it out.

ShadyDevil3024d ago

Red River looks great, the reviews are decent for the title from European sites.

mrv3213024d ago

Don't the last game was so bad they don't deserve money for this one, they screwed the consumers.

smithgi3024d ago

Fictional country called Tajikistan?? I think you should pay more attention I'm geography class ;-)

ShadyDevil3024d ago

Mistake has been edited, here and on the source. Read the release wrong.

OC_MurphysLaw3024d ago

I love my military shooters but this is one series I just have never really embraced. I don't really know why either.

lpfisher3024d ago

I might see if i can red box this sometime after launch. I want to try it, but it doesn't seem buy-worthy