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Folklore offers a beautifully surreal world and some innovative combat ideas, managing to rise above a few clear flaws.

(Notes: The review does not assign a score.)

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ElementX4013d ago

I'm having fun with Folklore. I just wish you could play as the guy without Ellen already beating you to every person even though I was going to play her after i completed each chapter as the guy.

scrillakiller4013d ago

i hate this game to much damn reading

Baba19064013d ago

@ wil
u damn racist...... im not american but i know more than enough americans who love to read. why should everyone like games where u have to read some. cant stand this kind of comments......

CaliGamer4013d ago

American isn't a race, so if someone doesn't like Americans it doesn't make them a racist. Racism is hating someone because of their racism is the believe that all members of a race (Black, white, etc.) posses traits or abilities specific to that race that make them inferior or superior to your race.

Being american is your nationality, just like I am Panamanian but I am black.

Let's just say his statements were uninformed and ignorant and leave it at that.

Daxx4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

I don't understand why there are so many anti-Americans here. What did our nation ever do to you to deserve your hateful, stereotypical comments? Did we enact a Jihad on your country? Did we rape your women, kill your men, and enslave your children? Did we assassinate your leaders? Out of the meanness of our hearts did we nuke your country to oblivion?! NO!

Everyone calls us fat, illiterate, gun slinging, loud mouthed, stupid, prideful, and intolerant! You couldn't possibly be more wrong.

Edit: Oh, Folklore looks like a sweet game.

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HarryEtTubMan4013d ago

Reminds me of Pan's Labrynth

cr33ping_death4013d ago

i got hooked on this far im only playing as ELLEN. right now im looking for HERVE ? i think it is. ive powered up most of the folk i have caught. cant wait top play this from KEATS point of view.

Cole Slaw4013d ago

for the PS3. Only the best.

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The story is too old to be commented.