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Development for a video game always leads to complications and unexpected delays, usually for the better of the overall product. In the case of Brink, high expectations were initially announced in 2010 by developers at Splash Damage, about crafting a first person shooter that would stand apart from the generic mold crowding the shelves at retail stores. Early screenshots and details revolving around Brink were scant, but two things stood out above anything else: the distinctive visuals and the well touted S.M.A.R.T movement system.

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MinimeJer053023d ago

Sucks to read that this didn't up being awesome. I was excited for this one for quite sometime. Guess ill stick to eventually renting.

Wick3023d ago

I rented it yesterday and have played through the first campaign thus far, with friends. It's okay. Decent, but nothing special.

Pretty looking and relatively fun at times, but also overly difficult, repetitive and lacking.

I've heard bad things about lag with online versus modes, but have yet to try 'em. That's tonight's plan.

TheHip143023d ago

Rented it today, it was ok but very underwhelming

despair3023d ago

played it at a friend's house and it just feels like a poor mans TF2...too much wrong with it for my taste and I'm more a SP player anyway so not really my thing.

Doctorofreality3023d ago

Nothing special, you wuld have thought they'd pull this one out of the bag right? Played it for an evening and concluded pretty much te same. SMArT system is a gimmick. hardly any freedom with it (as you wluld expect and as we were led to believe)

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