Pitchford: Duke Could Have Had a Gay Robot Sidekick and Still Could

X360A writes:

"Homosexuality isn’t often that discussed in video games. Actually, it pretty much never is... although we all secretly know that Yoshi is actually gay. It might surprise you to hear that Gearbox was actually considering a gay sidekick for video gaming’s most sexist and misogynistic character, the Duke."

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leogets3027d ago

lol ur tellin me duke is hetrosexual with his bleached blonde hair.muscular body and leather clothes? hmmmmmm okaaaaaaay

OMGitzThatGuy3027d ago

And the over-badasstivity to cover up the gay looks.

I maed a new word

trainsinrdr3027d ago

old fallout nv already did that

xbox360achievements3027d ago

Was Fallout's main character the most sexist and misogynistic in video games though? =P

HammockGames3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

@ xbox360achievements

Touche. That's why this could make for some hilarious dialog and one liners.

Granted, it also would probably make for a media firestorm (look what the Capture The Babe mode lead to). I'm sure Gearbox is weighing this carefully...

showtimefolks3027d ago

because most of us old gamers haven't had a DN game we will buy this lol

and i don't mind gay companion

MasterCornholio3027d ago

Err i hate to say this but a gay robot in a duke game would be a bit bizzare

DarkSpawnClone3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

yeah i agree, it would be really out of place in the Duke Nukem world.

lol maybe a lesbian robot...

Dan503027d ago

Give him Claptrap!!!!

MasterCornholio3027d ago

Why not a robotic version of beertender that follows him around all over the place and gives him a cold one when he needs it?

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