Why Yasunori Mitsuda And Yoko Shimomura Were Chosen For Xenoblade Chronicles

Siliconera writes "We’ve covered the Japanese “Iwata Asks” interview for Xenoblade Chronicles in the past, but the English language version of the session with the game’s team of composers went up today. You can read the piece here."

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Redempteur3024d ago

i'm not worried about the music for Xenoblade chronicles ... with these 2 composers, it seems SOlid and unlikely that the result will disapoint me .

Capt-FuzzyPants3024d ago

What did Mitsuda do. I know who Smimomura is but I know Ive heard of Mitsuda somewhere before.

Miraak82 3024d ago

I would actually buy a wii for this game, being xenogears is one of my favorite games.. I love rpgs but they just don't them like they used too.

Capt-FuzzyPants3024d ago

Man I love Shimomura. I really like the dark kind of style she has in her music. Im actually listnening to Somnus from Versus 13 right now. She is amazing.