Update On Brink From Splash Damage

TGH Writes: "Brink has been released in the US to quite a few concerns and outspoken reviews and community who have found issues in the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the title. Publisher Bethesda and developers Splash Damage have looked into the aspects mentioned and recently commented on everything via the BethBlog. Paul Wedgwood the games director over at Splash Damage addresses the concerns."

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jsslifelike3493d ago

Nice to see some timely response on SD's part.

StanLee3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Almost a 2 year delay since its first announced release and the game still launches to a number of technical issues. Yeah, very timely response.


antz11043493d ago

The day after launch they announce "we have issues, and we're working on it."

Would you rather they didn't update us that quick?

Rob9463493d ago

Im hearing a few bad things about this game but I think im going to buy it anyway seeing as iv waited so long for it.

Joni-Ice3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Don't do it. Not at $60. I got it yesterday played it for a fews hours but didnt like the texture pop-ins, jaggy edges and sound. I have the PS3 version. It worth $40. By the way, UPS just picked it up from me, its going back to Amazon.

Rob9463493d ago

Im thinking of doing a Gamestop trade in offer, trade 3games from a list of 500 get it for 3euro might as well.

joydestroy3493d ago

yeah man, i'd recommend picking it up. i got it for $50 and think it's worth it! as soon as verizon calls me back about a phone upgrade i'm hoping on it!

TheGameFoxJTV3493d ago

Do it dude. The game is very fun, it's a mp shooter from a company that specializes in MP shooters. The only people who don't like it hate Team based games anyways,. If you like Battlefield, TF2, or anything like that you WILL enjoy the game. Just look over at the steam forums for this game if you don't believe me. Most of the topic and people there love the game just as much as everyone else.

Focker4203493d ago

I'm not a massive fan. Bought it yesterday and beat the campaign on both sides in about 5 hours. Theres only like 8 missions total. Which is unfortunate because I was very excited for this game to be good. The story is non existent, every level is the resistance tries to destroy the ark and escape and security tries to stop them.

The gameplay is fairly decent, and the classes have a small bit of depth. I'm personally disappointed and will most likely be trading it in by the end of the week though. I will be trying it online to see if it performs any better, but at this point its a pretty big let down.

antz11043493d ago

There's like 8 missions per faction, so around 16.

DaCajun3493d ago

But still is only 8 maps. Should have just been called a multiplayer only game. The single player is non-existent, it's just multiplayer with crappy bots.

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ShadyDevil3493d ago

I personally can't wait to get this title. A few friends have it and are really enjoying it. Trying to decide PS3 or Xbox but both versions are being kept under a microscope and being patched so it looks like good developer support all around.

Tripl3seis3493d ago

im leaning towards l.a noires way idk if u should get the game cus i have a feeling im not going to get my moneys worth if i get it idk i have to wait and see wat my friends say about it.

NobleGamer3493d ago

Just wait for LA Noire no point buying this at all.

Rob9463493d ago

There's no reason people can't get both. I think im going to get it anyway looks pretty fun and has got some good reviews, im really interested to try out the character customization it looks pretty cool.

KDubyah3493d ago

Haha, I'm getting both games. :) I just got Brink today, gonna play soon.

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