Why Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Will Be Your Game Of The Year

Gaming Irresponsibly's Alex Spinelli explains why he has already cast his vote for game of the year: The title speaks for itself. First off, it’s being developed by RPG powerhouse Bethesda, so thats a no-brainer. Even beyond that, every new trailer and teaser for the epic game looks like it should only bring more joy for all the gamer boys and girls. Why Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Should Be Your Game Of The Year

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Joni-Ice3026d ago

Not if it was like Brink. A big let down.

Brewski0073026d ago

Dont think I could compare it to Brink. However, I really want this game to be good, so I'm hoping it is. Only thing is , that sometimes games don't live up to the hype. Hoping this one does.

RedDead3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Bethesda only published Brink. Nothing more. Bethesda developed games are praised alot, although they usually have alot of bugs, dunno if it's the old version of Gamebyro they were using but still, they are received very well.

Also, BE hyped for it, it seems to be a cross of the good things from Morrowind and Oblivion with upgrades. Oblivion failed to me, only because it was a sequel to MW, Bethesda fixed some of OB problems with Fallout 3 already.

Expect one of the best RPg's of the year anyway, maybe I shouldn't overhype but bethesda have a good track record and there games usually receive awards. It may not be the best RPG due to the other 2 potential masterpieces this year, The witcher 2 and Dark souls. Who knows though. The three of them will be great.

Edit---oh yeah I forgot about Torchlight 2, Diablo 3(maybe this year)

JsonHenry3026d ago

I hope so. But from all the video/gameplay I have watched I am thinking Witcher 2 will be my game of the year. Well, RPG of the year at least.

NobleGamer3026d ago

They published the game...didn't make it. Elders Scroll Skyrim probably the most hyped game this whole year. Game Of The Material right there that no one can touch....

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agentxk3026d ago

Heh! Brink was never anyone's GOTY, at least I hope it wasn't. Have you played it yourself?

rabidpancakeburglar3026d ago

It's already my game of the year, but who knows that might change

lastdual3026d ago

It would take a whole lot for Skyrim not to be my GOTY, even with all the promising other titles being released.

No other single player series is as ambitious as Elder Scrolls, and it seems like Bethesda has really listened to the fans and is fixing most of Oblivion's shortcomings.

rabidpancakeburglar3026d ago

Even with oblivion's shortcomings I was extremely satisfied and probably logged about 2 or 300 hours on it, any improvement would make it instant goty for me, even though there are some absolutely amazing games coming out this year

omi25p3026d ago

To many good games this year.

agentxk3026d ago

Which are you looking forward to the most?

agentxk3026d ago

That is a hard one, right now I would say Bastion.

2late3026d ago

because easily impressionable people with low standards and susceptible to hype will hold it in such high regard? Just a wiiiild guess ....

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The story is too old to be commented.