Analysts: Xbox Will Gain Little From Playstation Network Outage

While Microsoft's Xbox might gain some new, disgruntled customers in the wake of the Sony PlayStation Network outage; experts say a mass exodus is unlikely.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3023d ago

Well they have 1 new XBOX Live subscriber here. also another Xbox 360 sale to add to thier 53+ mill Xbox 360's sold.

And im sure theres alot of people that have too. Alot of people already have 360's, so alot of people have just bought a subscription to get them through this PSN outage.

But anyway its still more money for Microsoft.

metsgaming3023d ago

you need to get get to a Multiplayer Addicts Anonymous, someone needs to give you some sp games

DontShoot-Me-Bro3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

LOL, im not addicted. 2 reasons.

Firstly: I already played all my single player games, there are not that many good single player games out there that are worth playing to start with. I had a hand full and completed them within the first 2 weeks of the outage. Im not going to go out now and buy more single player games that i dont really want to play. It's been 3 weeks now.

Secondly: Sony are not giving us any deadlines. Its a new date everytime they talk, and they are just leading us on every 3-4 days. I dont like being made a fool of, and i expect to be treated like a valued customer from a company like Sony.

Im keeping my PS3 no doubt, I will come back to my PS3 as soon as its up, but its still a gain for Microsoft, even if its not important.

darthv723023d ago

I am not missing out on anything with psn being down other than new stuff in the store. Fortunately for me, my friends who do own a ps3 also have 360's and have bought into either a year or 3 month subs to keep on playing.

It isnt like they abandoned the ps3. I play mine to finish games like resistance 1,2 and uncharted 1,2.

All the doom and gloom will be done with soon enough. Till then I enjoy the best of both by being able to play great ps3 games and 360 games both on and offline.

Only a few more days worth of gears beta and maybe by then we will have some trickle of psn life.

pixelsword3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

hasj1990 has every right to get a subscription if he wants, so I don't fault him; I also don't fault Sony for the actions of others: it's like blaming the victim.

I fault thieves who wanted to steal games from a console they no longer can anymore, and fanboys jumping on the bandwagon because they don't like the PS3 and making outrageous--and often erroneous--comments in articles or writing the bullchips in articles just because they have access to an outlet to vent their insecurities on.

Muerte24943023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I can understand the frustration with not being able to play some of your favorite games online. But sacrificing your extensive ps3 collection for a 360 and probably one game seems naive. Xbox360 is already cheap and has been so for quite some time now. If those who own ps3 wanted (if they don't already have one) a 360 then they would have purchased one by now. There one of the main reason people buy ps3 is because they don't have to subscribe to play with their friends online. Unless Sony takes PSN away forever, you won't see many people jumping at the chance to "Pay to Play".

metsgaming3023d ago

if anything it would make more sense that people would be playing more pc games then going to buy a new system.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3023d ago


Im keeping my PS3, im not selling my PS3 to get a 360.

PS3 will always be my number 1 console, just look at all the games coming out. But its been 3 weeks now & like you said 360's are damn cheap anyway.

@ Metsb

I would prefer to play PC but i cant spend that much on building or buying a gaming PC.

Xbox 360's are cheap, especially where i live, they are the price of 3 games. Im talking about the 4gb Slim one.

But im just saying that i think Microsoft has gained something out of this, I bet theres lots of people with PS3's who have thier 360s gathering dust, and since the outage, wiped it clean and bought a subscription and played on the 360.

Dead_Cell3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

If you weren't addicted you could have coped with three weeks of PSN being down.

4lc4pon33022d ago

I am with you on this one. I actually sold my PS3 & snagged up a 360 a week ago.

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zeal0us3023d ago

Xbox will gain little from playstation network outage, by little they must mean new xbl-silver members, b/c im pretty sure a psn-free user don't want to pay just to do online gaming, a psn+ maybe but hell they already paying for sub why go pay for two?

Tired3023d ago

A ps+ member pays a small amount of money for a large amount of games, access to betas and massive discounts on other psn titles.

It's nothing like live. It makes less sense for a ps+ user to switch to live. What Is live going to give them in return for their money?

Bell Boy3023d ago

I just imagine all the screaming kids wanting mummy to buy a 360 because PSN is down and they can't live another day without

Megaton3023d ago

Friend of mine is rage selling most of his PS3 games. He owns all 3 consoles so he already splits his multiplats between platforms, but he'll be going pretty much 360-exclusive for multiplats now. He's only hanging onto Portal 2 in the hopes that one day he and I can actually co-op together through Steam.

I did a similar thing when I got my 2nd YLOD. Gave away or sold off all my games. I didn't go out and buy a 360, though. Just moved back to PC.

dragon823023d ago

That seems dumb to me. Why not keep the games he currently owns and then buy all future multiplats on 360. Why sell all the ones he has now? To make some kind of point to Sony??

Megaton3023d ago

Replacing the ones he still plays with 360 versions. Just selling the ones he doesn't play anymore.

dragon823023d ago

Ok. I guess that makes more sense. You made it sound like he was selling them just because. I was confused at what that would prove. LOL

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