Mass Effect 3 Going After Uncharted, Gears Of War

NowGamer - BioWare wants Mass Effect 3 to be a 'best in class' third-person shooter.

Mass Effect 3 details have spilled online recently, with story and character news begining to hit with some regularity.

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Seijoru3028d ago

Is that why the game gets gets less and less like an RPG?

Kee3027d ago

Yes. That is why. I don't really care. As long as the levelling up is still there.

StanLee3027d ago

Guess they're finally admitting what I've said for year; Mass Effect is a mediocre shooter masquerading as a mediocre RPG. Final came to their senses and decided to make a proper shooter. Too bad they're a few marbles short or they would have decided to make a proper RPG. SMH.

starchild3027d ago

Well, we all know that Mass Effect is more like RPG-lite. But it is still a fantastic series. I can't wait for ME3 to be able to finally see the conclusion of the story.

Kalowest3024d ago

"we all know that Mass Effect is more like RPG-lite.'
Well ME2 and now ME3 is, ME1 have the most RPG elements. ME1 was RPG first and TPS second.

Psychonaughty3027d ago

Except Bioware have said ME3 will be more of an rpg than ME2 without the clunkiness off ME1, besides ME2 was an incredible game whether it was rpg lite or not.

Kalowest3024d ago

"besides ME2 was an incredible game whether it was rpg lite or not."
Playing ME2 after beating ME1, makes it feel like an average TPS( when next to UC2 and GeoW1&2).

otherZinc3027d ago

Simple Answer:

Its already better than Uncharted. As for Gears of War, No.

For Mass Effect to beat Gears 3 it would have to match that Feature Set in Gears 3: 4 Player Campaign Co-op, Horde Mode, Beast Mode!

The PS3 cant do a game that looks as good as Gear 3 or Mass Effect & play "said" game in co-op campaign online, it cant be done. This is why Killzone 3, Resistance 3, & Uncharted 3 wont have the very important "online campaign co-op feature" that is a must to compete with the top flight Gears of War 3.

With that said, I'm buying Mass Effect 3, PERIOD! Its a fantastic game with an epic story. I'll always buy Mass Effect, its earned my money!

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VersusEM3028d ago

I don't think it can really compete when it come's out um lets see, what was it, oh year, WHEN IT COMES OUT NEXT YEAR!

PRHB HYBRiiD3027d ago

Good luck bioware ur going to need it if you want to compete with those mighty titans.

The Meerkat3027d ago

In 10 years time when I look back at games that
defined this generation.
Gears, Mass Effect and Uncharted would already be side by side at the top of my nostalgia list. (along with a few others)

Sevir043027d ago

enough to compete with NaughtyDog! The story will be a fabulous one because ME was no slouch on Gameplay or Story! on the other hand. gears was so if anything gears has a lot to prove! This year it's a given. ND will own with Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

RedDead3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Wrong genre Bioware, your specialty is Rpg....why do they need to do this?

Can't say i'm surprised though, after ME2.

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The story is too old to be commented.