White Knight Story Site Gets an Update

New characters, new system details, and some new concert art decorate the interwebs today as White Knight Story's official site has gotten an update. PS3Fanboy brings you a bullet-point list that gives you the rundown of whats new in the upcoming PS3 exclusive, White Knight Story.

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nasim4016d ago

that can match FF in terms of sales and quality then it has to be WKS

OMG 2008 sees FF13 and WKS fighting for sales and supremacy

Great feat indeed

gtgcoolkid4016d ago

Versus is coming in 2009. But yeah WKS and FF13 will be exclusive staples next year for RPGs for PS3. Also don't forget Star Ocean. Thats going to be great too.

bootsielon4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

MGS4 and GT5. Count Killzone 2 if it's any good


Whoops, didn't read the RPG part.

YoMeViet4016d ago

Game looks nice, although somehow the name scares me a bit, something about "white knights" sounds uncomfortable. maybe it's b/c i live in the south. few years back saw a dude in a klanmen's outfit going trick or treating and i gotta say that scared the shyt outta me, even though i'm asian.

Xwow4016d ago

like the ps2 and ps1,ps3 will become the best console for RPGs =D
and I can,t wait to see FFXIII and versus TGS trailers anyone can tell me when square-enix will show us the trailers?

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The story is too old to be commented.