$100 off of a PS3 courtesy of Power Up Rewards. Or not....WTF?

Normally Grey Walrus doesn't have problems with Gamestop, but their power up rewards program is really starting to get on his nerves. This story is written by a GameStop employee and discusses the contraindications in GameStop's $100 Coupon for new PS3 purchases.

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BatRastered3026d ago

Gamestop is lame! I don't know why people go there.

LOGICWINS3026d ago

For the exclusive pre-order incentives.

Chaos693026d ago

Probably just to piss you off.

B1663r3026d ago

For the bottom shelf filled with games I want to play for $5 to $10 each.

spektical3026d ago

used games :)

i rather get from gamestop than on ebay. why? because i get the game instantly. to each his own.

HolyOrangeCows3026d ago

Same here. I take them home (REALLY close to Gamestop) and test them, if they don't work or I don't like them, back within 7 days.

Cinderkin3026d ago

I shop online. Screw Gamestop!

blumatt3026d ago

Amazon for me. haha Gamestop rips gamers off so badly. Of course, this deal is kind of the exception, I suppose.

mrv3213026d ago

I think the guy was riped off.

jwk943026d ago

So this guy is complaining that he didn't get the powerup rewards thing? And he's cursing them out, and he expected to get 2 free shirts? Dude needs to grow up, what kinda journalist is that?

zeal0us3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Go read the story first, he never once curse at the person who he is emailing. The shirt part was a completely different story. What is he complaining about is the response he got from the powerup rep, who completely contradicted what they was saying to him.

Just to let you know, I didn't hit the disagree button,seeing as you only got 2bubbles. No point of hit the disagree button b/c what you said was inaccurate. Especially when disagreeing only takes your ability to comment over time. Peace

jwk943026d ago

I read the story stupid, how else would I know he was complaining about the shirt? My bad about the cursing, and honestly, i don't really care that I have 2 bubbles.

phoenixdown3026d ago

i only wanted it so that i can get cheap used ps2 games.

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