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Motorstorm Apocalypse is now the third game in the Motorstorm series. The first MotorStorm had us on the edge, literally, with cliff sides and a few variances in vehicles and terrain. The second one, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, brought us to an island of paradise where trees were not your friend. Well this third game has us in a city with a ton of new vehicle types but not many large variances in terrain. This game looks like Motorstorm but it doesn’t really feel like it anymore.

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joeylee9763028d ago

good review, but idk about factoring story into motorstorm's score.

undercovrr3028d ago

The devs chose to include it when they did not have to. So I think its fair to factor the story

DA_SHREDDER3028d ago

Considering 99% of racers dont have a story, I commend Evolution. And honestly, I feel MS is the best racer ever made. Apocalypse just murders anything else.

GamerSciz3028d ago

In this compared to the other installments Evolution pushed the story a lot more and made the races be about the story. That is why it is included in the review.

badz1493028d ago

although I still feel Pacific Rift is the more brutal one but this is something else! things keep happening in front of you and the chaotic racing theme is definitely the highlight of this game and I'm loving it!

iistuii3028d ago

It's a pick up & play for a quick fix type of game, I couldn't put the hours of say GT5, I'd get bored too quick, but MP is fun and its def worth getting.

blumatt3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I'm about to pick this up. :) I haven't bought any of the other Motorstorm games. (I played them though.) But THIS one appears to be the best one yet. With 3D support and online/couch splitscreen, there are even more reasons for me to get it. The gameplay is awesome in these games and this one appears even more hectic since it's based around an apocalyptic world.
Yeah, I guess that was an understatement. Just from the gameplay videos I've seen so far, I'm impressed! Can't wait to jump on it this week.

GamerSciz3028d ago

Hectic is an understatement really. Try going the same path every a lot of races you can't because the path gets blocked by a falling building or crashing helicopter or earthquake etc. Not to mention AI will at times sandwich you even if it takes them out. They are vicious in this one. The fun factor is definitely still there though.