Portal 2's Coolest and Most Impressive Tricks and Feats

1UP: I consider myself to be a fairly good Portal player. I finished both the first and second games in less time than what most people consider to be 'average,' and I've never had to resort to an FAQ for help. That doesn't mean I never got stuck; more than a few times, I didn't have any idea of how to proceed. This invariably leads to me getting frustrated, a.k.a. shoot the portal gun wildly in the hopes that it will suddenly work on a surface that it didn't when shot the previous 402 times.

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rabidpancakeburglar3026d ago

The third one was just awesome

pansenbaer3026d ago

Watched 2 then wanted to kill myself because of those stupid ads.

colonel1793026d ago

Why the F*** do we have to watch 15s advertisement for every video?!

KingDustero3026d ago

Lucky, I had to watch THIRTY second ads for EACH video.

The videos are AMAZING, however the SAME ad over and over again was just stupid.

gcolley3026d ago

thanks for the heads up. saved me the frustration

Oldman1003026d ago

Thanks to adblock plus i had to watch 0 seconds.

FredEffinChopin3026d ago

Cool collection.

Video 2 (page 1) is the one I found most impressive. Outstanding actually, the time cut out of that room.