IGN - Sadism is Fun in Dark Souls

IGN - When Demon's Souls was released back in the fall of 2009, it surprised gamers for a number of reasons. Japanese developer From Software created a game that was so ruthlessly hardcore that it was surprising when the PlayStation 3 audience took so fervently to it. Equally surprising were its sales. Demon's Souls managed to sell well over 500,000 copies in the United States alone. Quite a feat for a PlayStation 3 exclusive assumed to be such a niche title that Sony didn't bother to publish the game outside of Japan.

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Tainted Gene3026d ago

" I'm in trouble! Please recommend this message! "

this had me laughing in the IGN comments

soundslike3026d ago

lol at fail title.

Sadism is fun in *every* game. fun in Demon/Dark Souls. Not every game evokes that, so thats probably what IGN meant...

despair3026d ago

true but he did say he was watching the game being played, so Sadism is partly true.