Ridge Racer Unbounded 'Drive, Destroy and dominate' trailer

TechNoid writes: "Namco Bandai gave us a new Ridge Racer Unbounded trailer, which gives us a short look on the upcoming game."

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thereapersson3026d ago

Ridge Racer: Burnout Edition

M4I0N33026d ago

yeah its very burnout paradise reminiscent. But they've took it up a notch by introducing destruction, hopefully they'll be using the havok destruction engine as they are for inversion. Would look very impressive.

ProjectVulcan3026d ago

This isn't Ridge racer.

The series did need a bit of a revamp i admit, but this is for many original ridge players including me- a bridge too far. It may be more exciting to some people but the ridge name isn't meant to go on generic looking arcade smash em ups.

No thanks.

MidnytRain3026d ago

This doesn't look bad, but I'm not feeling a "hook". Bugbear is going to have to totally nail the core racing to get others and myself truly interested. Maybe they have some defining features that have yet to be announced.

Reborn3026d ago

This is going to cause an upset with the older players/fans.

No doubt.

Der_Kommandant3026d ago

That looks like a Need for Speed logo

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