How To Wear Your Halo Helmet

Kotaku: "After reading of the MTV intern's plight to create a Master Chief costume earlier this week I remembered that some reader had sent me a picture showing a pal of his wearing the helmet from the Legendary version of the game on his head.

I had asked him to email me the details on how it was achieved and then never heard back. So I decided to do it myself... big mistake".

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Hagaf224019d ago

and be a complete halo geek.

Mikey_Gee4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

But dude ... you are Sooo right with that comment.


I can see it now...

Finally get a girl home in his room and says .. "Hey Baby, wanna see my Master Cheif Helmet"

Not to mention you need to have a Peanut head to even fit in it if it was completely empty inside.

socomnick4019d ago

lol I kinda wish I bought the legendary edition :(

PS360PCROCKS4019d ago

"For now I guess I'll just amuse myself, roaming blindly around the house, scaring the dogs until i flip over the railing of my second-story loft and plummet to my death."

Haha my dogs did that last year with my halloween mask. Come to think of it so did the nieces and nephews.

Duke Nukem4019d ago

Need a damn guide to wear a helmet?

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The story is too old to be commented.