Duke Nukem Forever Hands-on Preview: Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum

Eric Blattberg of writes, "The King of Crass is back. In production for 15 long years — development began at 3D Realms in 1997 — Duke Nukem Forever sees the self-adoring and universally revered Duke Nukem save the world from yet another alien invasion. On Tuesday at New York City’s Gansevoort Park Hotel, I played an hour or so of the game. Packing a hefty arsenal guns, babes, and expletives, Gearbox Software’s Duke revival is a bit rough around the edges, but it’s a lot of fun regardless."

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porgep3027d ago

Super excited for this.

Eric29293027d ago

Umm, why can't the man be excited for DNF?? :)

KeepOnTruckinDudes3027d ago

@ Eric2929
It was only a harmless joke. Of course there is nothing wrong with porgep being excited for DNF, i am too. :-)

MasterD9193027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Release the demo soon please!