Exciting new things heading to 3DS - here's what we've got to look forward to

GamesRadar: We're very much in a temporary lull after the release of Nintendo 3DS. You've probably finished Pilotwings, breezed through Super Monkey Ball and realised that Super Street Fighter IV 3D's online mode is actually as addictive as illegal things and taken a bit of a break for your family's sake. So what now? Where are the games? Fear not! A new firmware update is due any day now - and it's going to give us loads more to do.

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DA_SHREDDER3021d ago

I hope so. I got a brand new 3DS and honestly haven't seen anything to justify my purchase, let alone its existence. BTW, the 3D really isn't all that great either. I have a 3-D tv and it blows it away when it comes to 3-D quality.