Mediakick - Pilotwings Resort

While a lot of Nintendo franchises have been hugely successful, their attempt at flight simulation seemed to stall after its second takeoff. Pilotwings was a hugely ambitious project released to showcase the Mode 7 chip of the Super Nintendo to the world, and it met with moderate success. Years later we then had Pilotwings 64 which was also released upon a Nintendo console launch. Ultimately that game was paired up against the hugely influential Super Mario 64 and was thus was understandably massively outsold. Having said this, the series did a good job of showcasing the technical capabilities of a Nintendo console. So when the Gamecube came along, there was shock; no Pilotwings. With the Wii, it seemed the company had abandoned their regular staple showcase game in favour of Wii Sports, and it isn’t until Nintendo released the 3DS that we’d see the nuptials of Pilotwings and the Mii infested showcase games in the form of Pilotwings Resort. Is this a match made in heaven or a matrim...

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