GameStyle: Conduit 2 Review

GameStyle: Conduit 2 wears schlock on its sleeve. The generic setting, the stoically dismay characters, voice acting that unintentionally grates more than House of the Dead 2. Schlock is hardly offensive, for what are Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Halo if not high-concept generica. Schlock can even be appealing, a cheap thrill as you hazily delve into the budget DVDs during a post-pub drinks run at the petrol station. But Conduit 2 is not a B-movie and one cannot escape that curious feeling that Conduit 2 takes itself more seriously than you could possibly believe, and asks the same of you.

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newn4gguy3024d ago

Few titles warrant a "day one" response, but The Conduit 2 seems to have pulled it off nicely.

Venox20083024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

bad review, 8/10

AEtherbane3024d ago

terrible review, game is nowhere near a 2, I agree with the 8

Titanz3024d ago

I find this review, "hard to believe".

I mean, is this game really comparable to, lets says... Ninja Bread man!?