IGN Ace Combat 6 Ace-Edge Bundle Review

"It looks real enough and you're inside a real jet cockpit, but you can still be that imaginary ace that you've built up in your head all these years. Nose diving towards an ocean only to pull up at the last minute in a gravity-defying move that sends you underneath a bridge while barrel rolling can be a reality. And you never run out of ammo because the war is on your shoulders and you absolutely need to blow up every last thing on your radar, even if it is a radio tower on your home turf. The story doesn't really make sense. The giant flying manta ray looking enemy base you fight certainly doesn't either. But it doesn't matter, because you're in an F-22A that has over 200 explosives hidden somewhere on it and it controls just like you always dreamt it would…even if that isn't totally realistic," writes IGN.

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cloud3604111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Its a shame seeing shorter and shorter games.

A console That needs to give up lasting value to have good graphics...

A console thats needs to give up Graphics to have lasting value ad then depend on. Multiplayer......

Can never get games with scores Higher than 9 since you can hardly keep the game balanced between lenght and Graphics.

The reason i hate the Xbox360 is becuase it is stopping video games from progerssing and using better graphics.

Developers can no longer feel safe about the space a game takes up, bcoz of the 360 they have make multiplat games in first place, and then these multi plat games have to be short and use crappy graphics since the disk can hold it and this makes the PS3 suffer with it.

And dont say they can use 2 disks for a game. Coz developers dont think they will need two disk or keep it in mid, its onl till they come to the end when they have no choice.

A good example is "Assasins Creed" i believe they are havomg trouble. With i forgot what. oh, no i forget

No prgression of Video games makes me hate Wii and 360. They are the c

cloud3604111d ago

My point is that

Multiplatform games exist in the first place bcoz of 360 and

Multi plat games have to be Short bcoz of 360.

nasim4111d ago

ACE COMBAT is not an AAA but a good game no doubt.

I am expecting the PS3 version to have realistic texture just like LP where explosions look so lifelike

BLaZiN PRopHeT4111d ago

you realize that AC is a multi platform game and its 18 hours right? hasnt the complaint been that ps3 games are to short? so shouldnt that be a reason why you hate the ps3?

socomnick4111d ago

cloud notice how before the ps3 capcom games looked really nice like dead rising and now that the ps3 is out capcom multiplatform games dont look that stunning. Dmc 4 would have looked so much better if they had not toned it down because of the weak ps3 graphics .

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TheBeginningOfTheEnd4111d ago

have you ever heard the term short but sweet? dude, i still play the demo of ace combat 6 and its been out for some months now, and i havent gotten tired of that damned level at all cuz it is FUN.

the main point here is QUALITY over QUANTITY. and REPLAYABILITY.

and last time i heard the 360 is the easier console to work with. you can disagree with that if you want, but thats what most developers say. and the multi platform games look better on 360. FACT. for now at least

Kuest4111d ago

so far.

Yup, it looks like this game is MINE.

mighty_douche4111d ago

... not sure i understand why, having never played a previous edition can someone explain its genre, is it like a flight sim of some sort, or a newer kick ass version of a game like after burner?

Bonsai12144111d ago

the previous two games received from IGN 9.1 and 9.3 scores. (i haven't played belkan war, so i won't comment on it, though it received a 8.8) and and this 8.4 score surprises me because IGN previously rated this series highly.

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The story is too old to be commented.