PlayStation Network Users Growing Increasingly Frustrated, Consider Xbox Alternative

PlayStation Network users have been voicing their displeasure with Sony over the continued downtime for the online service. It's been three weeks already, and many PSN members thought services would have been restored a while ago. It hasn't helped that Sony has pushed the return back without issuing a firm date for when PSN will come back online.

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voodoopickle3025d ago

getting kinda sick of these articles talking about how playstation users are considering the xbox. if they really wanted it, thay would have had it by now or were already thinking of getting one before hand

zootang3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Do you want the PSN back soon?
agree - yes
disagree - no

People would like to be able to play games online with their PSN buddies and at the moment there is no end in sight. So you can't help but look for alternatives. I went out and bought Fifa 11 for the PC.

alien6263025d ago

hmm yes i think PSN is taking long to come back but i dont mind it..iam not getting mad. iam happy playing SP right now...notice i have a lot of games to play lol

agree if u playing SP and having fun?

blumatt3025d ago

Yep, I'm enjoying several SP games right now. In fact, I'm having just as good a time with them as I do online. I've been playing through Battlefield BC2, Portal 2, KZ3, and Crysis 2. Lots of fun to be had offline too. Of course, I do miss playing some Bad Company 2 online. :) Add me once PSN is back up if anyone of you likes playing BC2.

Rumor3025d ago

Yea, most of my friends are jumping ship to the box

3025d ago
afterMoth3025d ago

I had a 360 and Live. No thanks, I don't need or want that again. I'll wait for the PSN. It sucks it went out for a bit but when it is on it makes me very :D

voodoopickle3025d ago

i started playing games when it was ONLY online, i think i can handle it for a month

GrandTheftZamboni3025d ago


I almost believed you, but then I saw "my friends". No, I'm not buying it.

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Rageanitus3025d ago

Im still not considering xbox live cuz you have to pay a yearly fee..... if I was soooooooo addicated to multiplayer I would be playing on my pc online... after all ppl mainly play COD on all platforms

ZugZug II3025d ago

Have fun playing offline then.

Dsnyder3025d ago

Have fun paying for a service that should be free.

MS Live profit:100%

Menech3025d ago

At least we have a choice to pay for "a service that should be free"

I don't see your choice other then no service at all.

How's your Playstation + doing this month ?

Brosy3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Live costs $5 a month. If your own a Ps3, you can afford $5 a month. Jeez...

lil Titan3025d ago

Yeah all of the frustrated PSN users are at Sony HQ with torches and pitch forks saying release the monster arnt they smh

TBM3025d ago

yea not paying to play online when its free everywhere else. i've been playing my single player games, catching up on some tv shows i have recorded on my dvr, or watching netflix on my ps3.

playing online is not the be all end all, and it aint that damn serious. ill be picking up LA Noire for my PS3. i'll happily stay a silver member on my 360 and just play some of the games i have for it.

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solidmic3025d ago ShowReplies(1)
Ninver3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I just want psn back asap. *in Samuel L Jackson voice* Quit staling Sony!

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