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Capcom: More Risks Like Dragon's Dogma And Asura's Wrath Please "Capcom is a sequels machine. We know it, you know it, heck even Keiji Inafune knows it. The latest comment from the former Capcom employee and creator of Mega Man isn't just hot air, Capcom's portfolio of games speaks volumes by itself. It's understandable when a creative company avoids taking risks, but when there's actually a rule that 80 percent of their games are required to be sequels, then there's a problem. Not only does Capcom run the risk of over saturating the market, but eventually gamers will start to get sick of playing the same games over and over again. "

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Community3051d ago
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ShawnCollier3051d ago

Asura's Wrath and Dragon's Dogma look really nice, hopefully Capcom supports them as much as they would for their veteran IPs.

mephman3051d ago

Capcom has anticipated sales of around 1.5m units for Dragon's Dogma. Hopefully it can live up to the hype.

oricon3051d ago

Capcom took a lot of risks last gen with new franchises such as Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Godhand, PN03. They were great games but bombed sales wise so you can tell why capcom is taking less risks.

Hardedge3051d ago

I hope these two games succeed. Dragon's Dogma looks really promising.

Godmars2903051d ago

We have yet to see/play the result. Bit premature to be begging for more.

Hardedge3051d ago

You would rather have more sequels/reboots? I'll take a new game any day, regardless of whether it succeeds or not, at least Capcom will be doing something new instead of rehashing the same thing over and over again.

Godmars2903050d ago

Sorry but what are you talking about? Asuras already been called an Asian God of War while Dragon's Dogma's been labeled an open world Demon's Souls. They're technical clones which might not even reach the mark of a sequel.

Given that we are talking about Capcom, something getting rehashed is the last thing we should be talking about.

stealth500k3051d ago

asuras wrath= really great and something that visually looks different from a really good japanese developer

dragons dogma= as generic as generic that looks like everything else from a ______________, you guess

InLaLaLand3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

If they do not DLC milk these two games then these games will be great. Asura's Wrath looks good don't know why people are saying it is a GOW rip-off even though it don't look like it.

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