Flawless run of the Impossible Boy achievement in Super Meat Boy

Once you complete the “main” chapters as Meat Boy in Super Meat Boy, you will get the chance to play some of the most ridiculously hard levels playable as Bandage Girl.

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vicious69833025d ago

I love me some Meat boy, but I HATE that chapter!

Darkfocus3025d ago

I can't even beat the light world version of that chapter 8/ I can A+ the rest of the game without dying though...probally because I didn't use meat boy the whole game and that world force's you to use bandage girl(whos a faster meat boy...)

jaredhart3025d ago

Wow, guy has incredible hand eye.

lelo2play3025d ago

Yes... unbelievable... and with a keyboard.

Hashashin3025d ago

Wait keyboards supposed to be harder to use?

lelo2play3024d ago

With this type of game... yes.

Omar1st3025d ago


QWOP is still tougher ;)

Jokes, nah this looks insanely tough. Kudos to the guy who completed it without dying.

Barajas_2013025d ago

the mega man 10 "mister perfect" trophy is worst

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The story is too old to be commented.