Will it Blend? Xbox 360 Kinect

Will it blend? That is the question.

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DoomeDx3627d ago

lol i like that youtube channel.

always watch the 'will it blend' series.

Best3627d ago

Will it blend? - Playstation Network

DavidMacDougall3627d ago


Its funny cause it seems this hurt your feelings! Lmao

MaximusPrime3627d ago

that blender even blended iphone and ipad.

Fishy Fingers3627d ago

I was going to say that, and they're very well engineered. That blender is a beast.

DoomeDx3627d ago

Well, it didnt blend the crowbar though

badz1493627d ago

what in the world could blend a crowbar?

awiseman3627d ago

I have a simple question: What if this was a PSMove? Would it still be funny?

Zashule3627d ago

Absolutely. Anything abnormal being blended is awesome!

Istanbull3627d ago

What if you were a troll? Ignored for life.

-Alpha3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Yes, it would. Why wouldn't it?

Nitrowolf23627d ago

of course it will be. This guy is funny it's not like he is hating on the devices he blends or anything.

Menech3627d ago

That's assuming PS move is popular enough to warrant a will it blend episode however it's not.

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kookie3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Kinect smoke, dont breathe this

badz1493627d ago

I think he already implanted diamonds in his skull with his CoD money!!

hazelamy3627d ago

i dunno, but it's worth a try right? ^_^

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