Microsoft to support Skype on Sony’s PSP and other devices

Microsoft also stated that the company will continue to “invest in and support” Skype across “non-Microsoft platforms.” Incidentally Skype is also a big service on Sony’s PSP.

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Menech3131d ago

Skype ain't profitable never has been, Jesus that's like business basics 101...

Mind you it's not like I expected the N4G derp's to have any clue.

van-essa3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

And better audio-video quality as well.

Fireseed3131d ago

Lemme guess you read the articles yesterday, and thats it :I

Christopher3131d ago

The power of Skype isn't in its profitability but in Microsoft at the same time obtaining more IP control on how people communicate online. They already have a massive lockdown on their XBL crosschat technology, now they're gaining some powerful IP over P2P communication.

Google passed this option up because they felt P2P wasn't the future, but Microsoft thinks otherwise. I'll be interested to see how this plays out in the end.

Menech3131d ago


Nope but if I provided a source from 2 years ago it wouldn't have any relevance of if Skype was currently profitable now would it?

B1663r3131d ago


Go read the Forbes article... Google wanted Skype as well, they just got outbid by Microsoft.

ChronoJoe3131d ago


"a massive lockdown on their XBL crosschat technology"

No they don't. lol Xfire and Steam offer the same service as cross game chat.

Christopher3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

@B1663r: Google checked it out in 2009 and turned it down. Google's want for it now was purely speculation.

"In recent months, Cisco, Google and Facebook have all been mentioned as potential acquirers for Skype. Reports that Microsoft was close to a deal to buy Skype, however, began to surface mid-day Monday."

***No they don't. lol Xfire and Steam offer the same service as cross game chat.***

For the type of chat implemented on a console, yes, they own patents specific to integrated chat utilized on XBL. If Sony were to implement they would have to either

A) Provided dedicated servers and host all of the chats this way utilizing dynamic group options that is able to be integrated to game-specific services (first and third-party), as well as integrating the services with the current friend system.


B) Allow individual users to install on their individual PS3s and enable P2P chat sessions and the ability to for users to dynamically utilize them... but do this while not taking away memory reserved for games (not possible) as well as not adversely impacting bandwidth (Skype is a huge drain on it).

Microsoft has the patent to what other console manufacturers wants to do, though.

miyamoto3130d ago

So why would Microsoft buy an un-profitable business outfit?

-Alpha3130d ago


I remember Ballmer was quoted on that saying that Microsoft is very ambitious, so they have something planned I must assume.

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Fox013131d ago

Still can't believe they actually bought Skype. It's awesome.
Instead of 8-man partychat, you'll have 25-man party chat now (or whatever the Skype limit is)!

slavish33130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

don't forget you'll be able to partychat with pc/psp people now too!!!!!!!!!!!11

metsgaming3130d ago

yea but expect a live price increase then

DA_SHREDDER3131d ago

Looks like a single console world has already started?

NYC_Gamer3131d ago

its all about money to these companies only users on forums go all crazy about this so called console war

S25803131d ago

i think a one console world would be excell. take the games of ps3 online from xbox and the blue light from the wii and they'd be on to a winner

Fishy Fingers3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

You dont buy a successful company only to kill what made them so successful in the first place. MS platforms will just see some 'improvements' or 'additions' to the service others wont.

BubbleSniper3131d ago

This is goods news to me. Nothing else to say. really.


Orion3131d ago

Not for me. I don't use Windows, I use Ubuntu. Skype for Ubuntu is already inferior to Windows', I don't know how it will get in the future...

BubbleSniper3131d ago

I use Linux for work related reasons which do not include VOIP. I also have a macbook pro for all that crap and windows for gaming.

That is why this does not impact me. If quality fell at all for Mac users, I'd just switch exclusively to Ichat/Facetime.

Sorry for your troubles. That is if it does affect Linux users, which Microsoft is notorious for showing negativity towards.

Bigpappy3131d ago

Kool. I can now invite PSP users to my video chat party. How Kool is that?

Fox013131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Ice f****ing kool. In theory you would be able to invite PSP users, PC and mobile phone users, etc. Plus way more people on party chat.

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The story is too old to be commented.