Brink Review (PlanetXbox360)

Brink has been highly anticipated for some time now. We took a look at the game during last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo and immediately thought, “Wow, Splash Damage really has something cooking here.” Now, after months of wait and checking out countless videos regarding classes and load outs, we finally have the finished product in our hands. Is it everything we were hoping for? Well, for the most part, no. See, a few problems emerge over the course of Brink’s battles that have us wondering how much better it could’ve been had Splash Damage gone a different way. And we don’t mean a minor tweak here and there, but rather a hefty programming decision altogether.

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UltimaEnder3138d ago

heard it plays better on PC, shame...

Fishy Fingers3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Most games do. Better visuals/performance/support/pi ck your input device etc etc. Only a shame if you only have a console :)

(that wont go down well here)

Menech3138d ago

Welcome to N4G where the PS3 and 360 usually outperform PC games.

And where, And I quote "Killzone 3 looks better then all PC games except Crysis on a super computer".

Yes someone actually said that and got a ton of agrees lol...

joydestroy3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

iunno man, i couldn't go as far as saying that KZ3 looks better than ALL PC games except Crysis, but it's def tied with whatever the best looking one is maxed. what would it be, anyway... Crysis 2...Metro 2033... BFBC2? not sure. those games look great maxed, esp Metro lol

stu8883138d ago

PC pros:

Better Graphics, performance etc.
mods (though aren't as good as the actual games)
Some good exclusives eg. Total War, a few others(not many)
Mouse and Keyboard - though i prefer controller
PC cons:

Price (a computer that could run Killzone 3 on max graphics would probs cost around £600 = 3x the amount of a PS3/360 roughly

Drivers and patches - a fucking waste of time with some drivers making performance worse, other games performing better with other driver etc. I'd rather be playing than looking all over the internet for the right driver!

The PC community - some are okay, but most are gaming snobs who think there better than everyone else because they splashed out £1000's on a new PC - get a life

Conclusion - the reason why consoles wipe the floor with gaming PCs when it comes to sales is because of these cons that defo out way the pros. Consoles have better games (FACT), are easier to maintain (I don't have to upgrade it every other year, unless you spent £2000 on a PC a couple of years ago), much cheaper and simply are more reliable than PCs.

I could go on...

LaurenKB1233138d ago

Mixed revues, still want to give it a try

MidnytRain3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

It seems the biggest complaint reviewers have against Brink is that it isn't "complete", as in it likely won't hold people as long as some other shooters. It's disappointing to see that all the unlocks can be attained quickly and that it is fairly unpolished overall.

B1663r3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Will get this for certain sometime next year off of the bottom shelf at GameStop.

XIIIWARRIOR413138d ago

I love it. I'm still confused as to some portions of gameplay but overall freakin sweet! One aspect that I think is awesome is customizing your characters, pretty awesome!

BX813138d ago

I was playing the 3rd mission on the 360 version and about 5 min. in the graphics started getting blurry.

awiseman3138d ago

The game is full of bugs.

BX813138d ago

It's the only issue I've had so far. The AI is not all too shabby in this game. I just wish they would fix the graphics blur

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