GameInformer: Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury Review

GameInformer: "Cherished shooter developer Treasure is back with another edition of its classic Bangai-O franchise. The original game appeared back in 1999 on N64 and Dreamcast, and the series laid dormant until the 2008 release of Bangai-O Spirits on DS. That entry suffered from plenty of framerate issues due to the portable’s low horsepower, but the new Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury has the Xbox 360’s full might behind it to handle all of the wild onscreen action.

Players control a small mech that’s constantly being attacked from all sides. You have a variety of missiles, lasers, and bouncy energy balls at your disposal, though you can only carry two types at a time. Simply blasting foes and dodging around like in any other shooter will only result in death; it’s vital to master Bangai-O’s more advanced moves."

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