Why DiRT 3 is one of the most deadly addictive things we've played this year

GamesRadar: I'm 40 minutes into a Gymkhana session - you know, the discipline of motorsport that sees you showing off in increasingly mind-blowing displays of driving finesse. But I'm still on step one of the tutorial. Nobody likes playing tutorials. All I need to do is drive through some polystyrene blocks within a time limit, yet the daft thing is, I have. I was up to Gold Medal standard on my first attempt. So why am I still sat here some 40 minutes later, unable to select anything other than 'retry'? Because DiRT 3 has nailed the 'just one more go' factor and I'm completely hooked.

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t0mmyb0y3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Def looking forward to this game. They just don't seem to make the Rally games like they used to anymore.

VonBraunschweigg3129d ago

Damn man, I love DiRT but I hate all these previews. I know that good ol' rallying is back and covers about 60% of the game, but what about the rallytracks, especially HOW LONG are they? Is it again a quick 2-3 minutes max like in DiRT 2, and 1 or 2 stages per location, or do we get to do some proper rallying?

Si-Fly3129d ago

Check out VVV Gamer on YouTube, he has a pre release copy and is putting footage up, so far looks like it's just 2 minute stages.

MagicBB3129d ago

Apparently the first career race has two stages of Finland, so expect multiple tracks per location.

Jdoki3129d ago

I love DiRT and Grid. Codemasters (and Criterion) are the masters of arcade racers these days.