First Batch of Soulcalibur V Artwork

IGN: "Hot on the heels of the game's announcement, here is the first batch of artwork from Soulcalibur V."

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not really sure about this game

Scyrus2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

how come? 3 and 4 were great i thought. aslong as the character creation gets a big upgrade im happy. strange how old everyone is in this game though

Edit @ Greyfoxxxxx

ahhh lol. ok, its funny cause im the opposite, i didn't like soul edge, soul blade, soul cal 1 or 2.
I started liking the series at SC 3. But whats probably weird to some is that I only play with created characters, im a manga artist (Designed my avatar) and being able to make my characters and play with them in a fighting game is pretty awesome, so its the reason I like SC3 and 4.

other than that i don't like the characters enough to play as the normal ones lol. I can play with taki and sophitia aswell as seifried but besides that no one really


hmm i fought the last games weren't really that good compared to the originals but well see :)

Giru0172769d ago

I personally didn't like SC4. It was lacking in many ways, specially story wise... SE, SC, SC2 and SPECIALLY SC3 were awesome though.

sonicsidewinder2769d ago

Welcome back, to the Stage of History!

VTKC2769d ago

I came here thinking they would show the girls of the game. (especially Taki!) I hope they keep the guest characters out if they plan to make us pay for them in DLC when they are already on the dam disc which we all have ALREADY payed for!