Eurogamer: Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword Review

Eurogamer: "In the marvellous but Marmite-y Mount & Blade and its semi-sequel Warband, you could end a man's life by cracking his skull with a warhammer, slashing his vitals to shreds with a sword, pin-cushioning his abdomen with arrows, or thrusting a lance through his family jewels. What you couldn't do was pull a firearm from your belt and blow his brains out. Clever Kievites SiCh Studio, realising that guns are amazingly rare in electronic entertainment, have rectified this.

At first glance, the idea of adding boomsticks to an open-world RPG built around intricate swordplay, artful archery and fancy horsemanship might seem odd, not to say dangerous. After a few days of play, I'm still not totally convinced it was a wise move, but I do have to admit that musket mayhem does have a certain smoke-wreathed charm."

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Trroy2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

"The worst accusation I can hurl at With Fire & Sword is also the kindest compliment I can pay it. Despite the new setting, infernal weaponry and bespoke story quests, most of the time the game plays just like Warband or the original Mount & Blade. The majority of the bread-and-butter activities are nigh identical, as is the pace and pattern of play. Once the novelty of gunpowder has worn off, series veterans may find themselves wandering back to familiar pastures"

...thus the game should have gotten the same, or better, score as the original, unless there exists competition which dulls the impact of the original experiences for readers. In this case, there really doesn't.

Every game should be reviewed as if it were an original concept -- because to many readers, it is.

I am SO tired of reviewers "wanting more" from a game, and knocking it because its great, but didn't meet their own personal, uninformed, agenda. If they want more, they should get off their lazy asses and make something better themselves. Otherwise, review the game AS IS, not comparing it to what "could have been" in imaginary land where dreams come true for a dollar and a coffee.