Seven ways Nintendo can "win" E3

Every year, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony present their upcoming plans in a lavish press event, and the immediate response among gaming journalists is to declare who won. (FYI, last year it was Nintendo.) In that spirit GamerPops is offering seven key strategies to each of the big three companies to help them “win” E3 2011.

Today: Nintendo.

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rabidpancakeburglar2814d ago

There is not a hope in hell that nintendo could win E3

iamnsuperman2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

You say that but a new console generally wins E3. The only way it will not is if it doesn't live up to the rumours or it is more casual gamer focused. They have a good shot especially with new hardware

Fishy Fingers2814d ago

Actually, I'd say it's currently Nintendos to lose.

Shok2814d ago

They won last year lol.

BiggCMan2813d ago

No hes's not, Nintendo had an incredible showing last year. Sony also had an amazing showing. It was really only Microsoft that had a bad one. Thats how I see it anyways. I still look forward to what they will show though, I don't choose sides.

jack_burt0n2813d ago

if what u went for was to oggle at a dodgy 3d screen, and the total fail that was the skyward demo.

Shok2814d ago

I take it you didn't watch their conference? Lol. They announced quality title after quality title, and then blew the lid off the 3DS.

A slew of quality games along with a new hardware announcement = an unbeatable conference.

Anyone who denies that Nintendo's conference was pure quality is just a fanboy =)

Etseix2813d ago

i certainly dont like the games nintendo show (except for RE and Metal Gear naked) for the 3DS on their conference, BUT, it's because i just dont like those kind of games, leaving that aside, i can tell Nintendo won the conference,

Nintendo>Sony>commercia ls>internet ads>MS . yes sir.

Spitfire_Riggz2813d ago

Nintendo definitely has the chance to win. A console stronger than the PS3 and 360 with a brand new online system (that works) and a sweet lineup of their amazing first party titles we might have a winner.

I do see Sony contending with good NGP news though.

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GamerPops2814d ago

Nintendo won last year in the eyes of many, by presenting a non-stop lineup of good looking games, and unveiling the 3DS for the first time. It's not inconceivable they could do the same this year with Project Cafe.

rabidpancakeburglar2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

yes I am a fanboy, isn't that clear. The ps3 won E3 last year though

That was meant to be a reply to shok

Shok2814d ago

Oh, you admit it. Ok then, no point of arguing with you lol.

soren2813d ago

with all new first person shooters? u like bleach then means u like action shows huh? then y u buy a ps3 XD yes i know my comment was retarded

N4g_null2813d ago

Wow that site sucks. Really WTF!

GamerPops2813d ago

If you have any constructive feedback to improve the site, PM me. I'm always open to listening to ideas.

N4g_null2813d ago

Maybe later. I'm use to the lush graphic sorry man. I guess the better question is what and who are you using to code the site? There are lots of college grads that need experience also. Picking a simple graphic theme can help you also.

The writing content can get better also. You know nintendo got a new vp, maybe do a piece on that and why that means they are going hard for the hardcore.

I'm sorry I can be quite cruel in critiques. I just expect better. Thanks for responding professionally and hopefully I can get you on my bookmark list.

VersusEM2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I will admit that Nintendo won E3 last year, but Nintendo is just not for me, I mean come, you guys have to admit that its kind of for the casual market, they have a couple of hardcore games, but like I said it's not for me.

stealth500k2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

yeah last year layton, paper mario 3ds, dk country, kirby, golden sun 3, dragon quest IX,oot remake, mario kart 3ds, kid icarus

are soooooooooo casual

@ below?

are you joking or serious dude? Whats hardcore to you graphics or difficulty? Not one of the games you listed (aside from demon souls) is difficult in any way. In fact they are downright casual.

you need to learn the definition of hardcore and casual.

VersusEM2813d ago

uh yeah they are, When I think of HARDCORE, I think of inFamous, Uncharted, Battlefield, Halo, Killzone, Gran Theft Auto, Gears of War, Demon's Souls, etc. That's just me, I'm not trying to diss Nintendo, but come on. Not everyone is going to like, same goes for PS3, & 360.

Imalwaysright2813d ago

LMAO according to your logic the games you mentioned are casual too.

N4g_null2813d ago

I think he is a pop gamer. Those games are popular to a certain few because of their friends. This is confused as hardcore gaming because there is some ok competition online.

Actually hardcore goes against the easy to find and play games. It's weird how some gamers past likes don't line up with what they like now. If you can say that you can't play an older game now then you might have been playing it for the wrong reasons.

Hardcore gamers don't play old games for nostalgia they play them because of the game. Which is why story only with ok game play doesn't get played again.

To real gamers there is no retro gaming or casual only pc, console and arcade.

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