TGV: Why Ubisoft’s Rocksmith is doomed

Rocksmith is Ubisoft's venture into the world of rhythm gaming, toting the fact that you can use any electric guitar to play the game.

However, the game has been doomed since its inception as impassable roadblocks litter its course.

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Karuto3341d ago

It is certainly a niche title that fits a niche audience. It isn't meant for the mainstream like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I think of it like a more interactive guitar teaching software. It will be greet for instructors to give their students. This certainly will be for a much different audience than Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but will appeal to those who want to evolve. Nothing really more than that, and it's probably for the best as they'd save on big marketing costs. I mean, look at Second Life or Playstation Home - very little coverage, but makes a ton of money inside and for advertisers/businessmen.

Sidology3341d ago

The big problem is that even without the advertising, without the money to back it all up, we STILL DON'T KNOW ANYTHING about it.

It doesn't cost any money to write stuff about it and if you want to stir excitement, word of mouth will do wonders more than any costly advertising.

Herminator3341d ago

Oh, rhythm games, I remember those. That was like when adventure games and fighting games were hot, right?

Negadeth3340d ago

I too am unconvinced by Rocksmith.

I actually couldn't care less about playing on a real instrument; in fact I want the opposite. I just want to jam out on five buttons and have a blast. I'm not interested in learning the real thing.

Sidology3340d ago

Having the option of either one certainly makes Rock Band's case a little stronger, too.

Karuto3340d ago

But then this game was obviously not made for those people. It's for the person that wants to learn the guitar in a video game type of environment or backdrop. Sounds way better than sitting down with some textbook or video tutorial.