E3 2011 Could Be 'Best Ever,' says Pachter

E3 2011 is less than a month away now, and it's certainly one of the more anticipated E3s in recent years. With Nintendo set to unveil a Wii successor, Sony doing all it can to bounce back from the PSN nightmare, and Microsoft pushing ahead with its Kinect momentum, there are lots of interesting developments to watch.

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LOGICWINS2809d ago

If Sony shows Agent gameplay, it will be for me =)

donniebaseball2809d ago

Sony just needs to make a strong showing period. E3 is their opportunity to bounce back after this PSN nightmare.

Joni-Ice2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I agree Donnibaseball. There is no doubt EVERYONE will be tune in to Sonys conference. The longer PSN stays down the closer E3 gets will make Sonys conference much more attractive. I think people want to see their response to this entire hacker situation and would be a great time to reinforce to customers why PSN will be secure and the avenue that brings all playstation products together. NGP will be based around PSN.

TheLastGuardian2809d ago

"E3 2011 Could Be Best Ever"

What does Pachter know anyway?

I don't need any more games revealed at E3 to have a 2011 release date. I want to see the future at E3. 2012 will be a great year for the NGP, PS3 and Move.

E3 2011 could be the best E3 yet if all this was revealed.

mt2809d ago

if hideo kojima announces MG5 for PS3 i am done with E3.

Dojan1232809d ago

I thought we heard agent was canceled???

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Optical_Matrix2809d ago

I reckon it will be.

-New Games Consoles
-More 3DS games
-Skyward Sword Release Date

-More PS3 Titles
Agent Footage?

Microsoft: This ones a huge question mark, but they've been too quiet to not have some great stuff lined up, I hope.

3rd Parties: (A lot of these we will be seeing gameplay for the first time)
-Battlefield 3 Multiplayer
-Modern Warfare 3
- Final Fantasy XIII-2
- Assassins Creed Revelations
- Mass Effect 3
- Skyrim
- Bioshock Infinite
- Ninja Gaiden III
- DmC
- Soul Calibur V
- Level 5 game announcements

See where I'm going with this? A lot of games and hardware have been announced or hinted at heavily over the past 6 months. E3 is the place where all the devs keep saying we should look to see more of these titles. With 2 new hardwares being shown as well as all those games, E3 2011 will be huge

Yangus2809d ago


Awesome game.......coming!


Der_Kommandant2809d ago

Tomorrow could be Thursday says Patcher

e-p-ayeaH2809d ago

Maybe the best for some companies but definitly not for everyone.

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